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Lessons and Training


Be in the moment, live in the magic, bond with exceptional horses.


Instill confidence in our riders through a relationship with horses that carries through into everyday life.


To share one of the best vantage points by looking over he ears of a horse - your trusted companion and friend.

Megan Jumping a horse
Vantage Point Lessons


Vantage Point’s main focus is providing an opportunity to gain personal self confidence in a safe and rewarding environment for both horse and rider. There is an unexplainable magic in connecting with a
horse that very few people can access. It surpasses any amusement park ride and can provide a lifetime
of personal wellbeing as a rider grows and progresses through life. Whether you are an experienced
rider looking for a change in viewpoint, have a horse that requires some training or exercise, or simply
have a passion for horses - our focus is to educate people on horsemanship and connect horses and
humans in a way very few people have an chance to do.

Image by Adriel Kloppenburg

Our commitment to horses and a healthy connection with the people handling them is first and foremost. The outcome is a relationship and trust between the rider and horse that takes them to the trail or the show ring and gives the horse and rider team the best and desired result.

School Horse Program

Vantage Point offers safe and reliable school horses for all ages and riding abilities. Our quality school
horses give our clients an opportunity to learn in a safe way and give them the skills they need to
continue in their equine journey. The lesson horse program is the cornerstone of our program in
creating the groundwork for a successful horse and rider relationship. Vantage Point offers some the
best lesson horses in the industry to ride and learn from.

School Horse Program Vantage Point
Image by Annika Treial

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