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About Us

Vantage Point’s passion is for each horse and rider to have the best experience together. Our focus is an atmosphere of acceptance and welcoming everyone who wants to learn. The environment is enhanced by the wonderful surroundings of a beautiful and a highly desirable location. The high-quality facility stands out to the discerning horse lover.


Vantage Point is a unique equestrian business with expertise in horsemanship skills, riding safely, and
wellbeing. We offer the best quality school horses, in a great facility, and a focus on the excitement of learning to ride and care for horses. We offer an opportunity to learn horsemanship skills in a safe and fun filled environment.

Meet Megan Randal
Owner and Developing Rider Trainer


With over 13 years of industry experience, including riding, owning, teaching,
and competing show jumping horses, Megan has a focused interest in horsemanship.
This includes handling, care, and riding techniques that cater to the riders and horses physical and mental happiness.

Megan Vantage Point


Megan has taught a variety of ages and skill set of riders. From no horse experience all the way up to competitive show jumpers, Megan structures her lessons to ensure her students are progressively accomplishing their riding goals. To create the most successful outcome for the horse and rider she endeavors to connect horsemanship on the ground to riding and competition. Students find Megan engaging, enthusiastic, positive, and approachable.

Megan has had numerous mentors and coaches over the years including:

  • Mark Laskin Chef dÉquipe for the Canadian Show Jumping Team

  • Katie Laurie two-time Olympic show jumper for team Australia

  • Gail Greenough, the first female and youngest athlete to win the 1986 World Show Jumping Championship.

  • Lynne Stephenson of Wachter Horses, a highly respected trainer and coach, laid the groundwork for Megan and her journey of the horse and show jumping.

She has worked for numerous barns in Alberta and BC, as a barn manager, groom, rider, and instructor.  Megan learned from and continues to work with some of the best farriers, vets, equine massage therapists and chiropractors, barn managers, and sport psychologists.
She is currently developing three of her own competition horses all the way from young horses 
to experienced jumpers. Her other five horses are experienced ‘school masters’ ready to be her teaching partners with any student and riding ability.

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